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Welcome to Legendary Hot Pot - a fun and social place for great food on the North Shore.

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We pride ourselves on the freshest ingredients and amazing flavours. Check out or full menu featuring both full hot pot meals as well as ready-made dishes. You can't go wrong whichever you choose. If you are new to Hot Pot then read a bit about it here or come by our restaurant and our helpful staff will make your visit amazing!

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The Legendary Hot Pot Story

With a mission to introduce Chinese hot pot to the Canadian community and to bring nostalgia of home for those living abroad, Legendary Hot Pot was opened in 2014 in West Vancouver by Jack Ma and Helena Shao.

Their love for traditional hot pot and a vision to share with the local diverse community, this flagship restaurant offers hot pot features from different Chinese regions, highlighted by each of their signature dishes....

Much like Canada’s multiculturalism, diversity, and inclusiveness, Legendary’s innovative approach provides a variety of cuisine in order to give customers a unique eating and gathering experience.

Reflecting their principle, “treat people genuinely, no matter what”, the restaurant provides top quality products and a top dining experience. Simply through word of mouth in the community, it has earned them a strong reputation ever since their launch in Vancouver.

Every day, Legendary Hot Pot prepares fresh dishes, carefully selected ingredients, and house special broths — which includes the much-loved pork bone soup and mushroom soup featuring 32 different mushrooms. Smoked plum drink is usually ordered to soothe the spiciness of the hot pot.

Customers can be sure to expect a high-quality dining experience during every visit, or with every take-out order to enjoy a taste of hot pot at home.

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